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Editing Overview

The editing process is a conversation with your editor to refine and enrich your manuscript. Our services are here to help you release the best version of your work, whether it be to self-publish, submit to a contest or literary agents.

The right editor is your ally, helping to spot small errors or fix broader plot issues before you release your precious work into the world.



Spelling, punctuation, grammar and typography errors.


Line Editing

Proofreading, sentence structure, word usage, repetitions, and continuity.


Developmental Editing

Line edits and content editing (story arc, dialogue, conflict, character development).



Brainstorming, character sketches, plotting issues, overcoming writer’s block.

($50/30 minutes)

About Alexa

Alexa Gregory is a writer and fiction editor. Her studies and training in the literary and educational fields have given her the skills to help polish your manuscripts. Alexa works with authors of all skills and experience levels, from unpublished authors to New York Times and USA Today Bestsellers.


For additional information about these services, please contact Alexa. Allow 24 hours for a response.